Our Mission

To work towards reviving societal values and youth empowerment. Accordingly, the organization shall at all-time pursue a social, economic and educational development program, principally aiming at empowerment awareness among youths and community at large. With a sense of urgency, we seek to pursue the following:

1.  To organize seminars, public lectures and workshops to strengthen the youth’s mindset on social, economic and political development.

2.  To work towards community empowerment through educational programs for the youths.

3.  To solicit for curative and preventive health care services for all

4.  To collaborate and partner with international and local organizations to organize and share resources and frameworks on development issues.                    


1. Propose Investment Initiative to Individual, Community and Organization to    create employment opportunity.

2. Partner with other “NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION” to propagate moral principles.

3. Empower Youth on how to start business.

4. Partner with Business Institutions and Organizations to jointly organize regular educational programs on Small & Medium Scale Enterprises.

Where to Find Us:

Organization for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative

Alhaja Asanike House,Beside Boluwaji’s House,

Along Lagos/Ibadan Express RoadIbadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

+234-(2)-8750189, 8086465108, 80-71183073, 8131119403

 Email:- oye.sri@gmail.com or info@oyesri.org

Webiste:- www.oyesri.org