To be involved in defining the future of our society by finding means and ways to revive societal values and providing possible solution to the state of societal issues, OYESRI is committed to training youths in entrepreneurship and leadership skills in order to address social and economic issues in Africa.  In the era of this “MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS” it is an incredible opportunity as well as our responsibility, to be actively involved in the development of the society with a firm commitment and use of resources, combined with public support.  We shall be sure of achieving an environment that could be conducive for addressing daily challenges; ultimately, we can build a meaningful and sustainable future for the benefit of the society and the world we live in.

In line of the above statement, OYESRI looks for individuals or organizations that share our passion for youth and community development to partner with any of our programs. These partnerships vary in detail, but OYESRI requires a financial commitment from partners to fund our operations, events and initiatives.

For more information, please contact us by phone +234-(2)-8750189, +234-8055152017, 80-71183073 or e-mail us at or and we will send you more information along with our comprehensive event plan and proposal. We hope to be your friend and hearing from you soon. THANKS YOU.

Where to Find Us:

Organization for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative

Alhaja Asanike House,Beside Boluwaji’s House,

Along Lagos/Ibadan Express RoadIbadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

+234-(2)-8750189, 8086465108, 80-71183073, 8131119403

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