We Need You!!! Join AYLR 2017 Program Facilitator!!!

Please join us as a Facilitator at our next Awakening Youth on Leadership Training Program (AYLR). AYLR is change processes specifically conceived to sensitizing youths within the age of 14 - 18 on leadership role modeling, and self-development awareness with relevance to HIV/AIDS. Under this program, we sensitize the rising leaders on leadership thinking, mentoring and educate them on the effect of HIV/AIDS on leadership development and how today’s rising leaders should pay special attention to this epidemic.

Project Goals:

AYLR primary goals are to prepare youth for effective leadership skills through a series of activities that promote peace and tolerance among their peers, development of critical thinking, communication and organizational skills and healthy self-esteem.

Project Objectives:

To promote a positive youth leadership development and a good democratic and human rights culture among young people in Nigeria.


1: Facilitate the development of ethics, values and ethical reasoning.

2: Analyze strengths and weaknesses in relation to beneficiaries, and make necessary improvements towards global peace.

3: Develop effectively and precise communication that inspires and motivates beneficiaries.

4: Enhance decision-making skills and the ability to take action when necessary.

5: Ability to tackle challenges, stay focused and committed to building personal growth and leadership development.


1: Take charge, lead with commitment, focus, and passion.

2: Develop motivational skills.

3: Develop a greater level of enthusiasm and passion towards future development.

4: A direct bottom-line to increase in effective leadership abilities, human rights activism, productivity, and profitability for the beneficiaries.

Program Curriculum Development:

For AYLR Educator Facilitator at our upcoming Awakening Youth on Leadership Training Program (AYLR), are to select one of the topics.

1) Building Personal Growth;

2) Leadership Thinking;

3) Introduction to Human Rights and Girls Child Rights,

4) Community participation and Citizenship,

5) Career Awareness & Personal Finance,

6) Sex Education, HIV/AIDS, and Malaria awareness.

This curriculum is instrumental to the promotion of strong leadership thinking and mentoring, democratic and human rights culture among the rising leaders in Nigeria and Africa at large. Facilitators are to submit all documents in 10 pages; 12 fonts Microsoft word (century) not later than March 15th, 2017 by emailing the document to info@oyesri.org, with an email subject titled “AYLR 2017 Facilitator *the topic you are facilitating and the sender's name.” The presentation must not be more than an hour and the topics must be content-rich, compelling; authentic and vulnerable – speak of failure as well as success; challenge the audience; knowledge sharing and interactive communication that allows and gives the opportunity to learn from our participants as they learn from each other.

We hope you will be able to join us for this wonderful experience!



Best wishes

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