This millennium is characterized by the increasing need for societies across the globe to secure success and remain relevant in the globalization trend. By this way, societies ensure that they develop economically and ensure social security. Nations in the world are faced with the challenges of transforming their traditional socio-cultural, economic relationship and political structure to conform with the demands of the ‘PRODUCTIVITY AGE’. Ability to conform to this new order by reviving social value and encouraging small & medium scale enterprises is now considered to be the single most important factor in deciding the effectiveness of community development as well as the ability to empower citizen.

No Community, Society, Organization, State or Continent develops by accident. The development of most successful nations came through structural and economic planning.

However, development should not be left to the hand of the Government alone. As against this background our organization (Organization for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative) is set up to partner with Government parastatals, Organizations and Research Institutions, to seek qualitative education and training for the youths and the community leaders to meet the ‘Productive Age’.

In view of this, our organization is deploying efficient means such as Public Lectures, Workshop, Seminar, to strengthen the consciousness of the individual in the society towards business creation and leadership mentoring. This plan is instrumental for political and economic prosperity and social cultural integration in our society. The aim of our organization is to sensitize the mind of the youths towards capacity building for sustainable development.

Where to Find Us:

Organization for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative

Alhaja Asanike House,Beside Boluwaji’s House,

Along Lagos/Ibadan Express RoadIbadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

+234-(2)-8750189, 8086465108, 80-71183073, 8131119403

 Email:- oye.sri@gmail.com or info@oyesri.org

Webiste:- www.oyesri.org